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Alabama Strike Fest

May 22, 2021
All Day
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For over a month, 1,100 United Mine Workers of America (UNWA) coal miners have been on strike against Warrior Met Coal, Inc.

To support these striking workers and their families, UMWA District 20, The Valley Labor Report, Lee Bains + The Glory Fires, IATSE Local 78, and many others have coordinated to bput together an Alabama Strike-Fest benefit concert. The conceert will take place beginning at noon on Saturday, May 22nd in the parking lot of UMWA Local 2397 in Brookwood.

This concert is part of The Valley Labor Report's marathon fundraising drive which is taking place from Friday, May 21 to Sunday, May 23 from UMWA Local 2397 in Brookwood, Alabama. The livestream will be continuous and feature in-person and online interviews with guests involbed in the labor movement, and will be broadcast on The Valley Labor Reports YouTube and Twitch channels, accepting donations online.