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Central Labor Councils

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The functions and responsibilities of area labor councils and central labor councils within their respective areas shall be: (Source - Rules Governing AFL-CIO Area Labor Councils and Central Labor Councils, Sec. I-4a)

  1. To assist in furthering the appropriate objects and policies of the AFLCIO, or of organizations affiliated with the AFL-CIO (provided such objects or policies are not inconsistent with the objects or policies of the AFL-CIO).
  2. To serve as a means of exchanging information among affiliated bodies on matters of common interest.
  3. To provide aid, cooperation and assistance to affiliated local unions and other affiliated bodies in their common and individual endeavors.
  4. To propose, support and promote legislation favorable to and to oppose legislation detrimental to the interest of workers and organized labor.
  5. To encourage workers to register and vote, to exercise their full rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and to perform their rightful part in the political life of the local, state and national communities.
  6. To engage in such other activities as are consistent with the objects and principles set forth in the Constitution of the AFL-CIO and the policies of the AFL-CIO.

Alabama Central Labor Councils